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Write about a time when someone wouldn’t listen to you. Set your timer for 10 minutes and go.


Who would think silence could be so noisy?
But listen! Can’t you hear it, my love?

Can’t you hear it in the busy-ness
that plots to keep our souls separate
and preoccupied;
in the inattentive, idle chatter that sedates
our need of one another?

Didn’t you hear it just now
when I sneaked up behind you
there on the kitchen chair
and snaked my hands over
your hard, broad shoulders
with a gentle squeeze?

No. You didn’t.
You went right  on reading your paper
and dipping your Chips Ahoy cookies
in your Folgers,
oblivious even to my touch.

And suddenly the silence is so deafening
I can barely hear myself think!
I want to put my hands over my ears
and fling myself crying and pleading
into your arms,

“Make it stop! Make it stop!
Please, make it stop!”