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Inspired by James Peale’s still life “Apples, Grapes, Pear.”

Though not every event in my life
will translate into a frozen “Kodak moment,”
what I live out daily is “STILL” life.

For etched deep within the painting that is me
are those “fixed-in-time” moments that made
a difference in the trajectory of my heart.
In who or how I am at any given hour;
what I hunger for deep within my soul;
how I relate – or not – to the world at large,
and what or whom I’ve collected around me.

No… This spattered canvas that is me
doesn’t look like a famous “Still Life”
expertly painted by Cezanne or Renoir.
Between thick, dull daubs of messy pigment
and sporadic sweeping brush strokes,
that’s where my life is rendered most often –
in the midst of a mind-numbingly normal palette.

But if you stand quietly long enough and
earnestly ponder this composition that is me,
you may realize that despite the inept technique,
apart from the often skewed perspective,
I AM a treasure, a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

For it’s “STILL” life, is it not?
It’s MY “still life…”