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Caleb (1 year)

OMG! I thought I’d have time to myself at LEAST now and then, but that dream went out the window the first day our daughter and newest grandson got here. It was with great joy we found out she is expecting again. That makes a 4, 2, and 1-year-old on top of morning sickness. Not pretty! Judging from symptoms, it’s going to be a fourth boy.

I’ve set down here to write five or six times but just draw a blank. Too much going on in my head. If I had to write something this second it would be somewhat plagiarized:

It’s two days before Christmas and all through the house
little Caleb is crawling quiet as a mouse.

The toys are all scattered in kitchen, on stairs,
the house is in shambles, but nobody cares…

When I get that far I get tired!

I hope everyone is having a good Christmas season and that many blessings will be yours this Christmas day.