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It’s Christmas Eve morning and we have a full day ahead of us. Our daughter and grandson Caleb (1) have gone off to have breakfast with friends leaving me with some much needed space to pull things together here. I have last minute gifts to wrap, presents to drop off at the neighbors’, a pie to pick up from Village Inn, a power-sort of the house to do, then we are going to dinner at 4:00 after which we’re taking Caleb to see the lights at Christmas Village.

Our Christmas Eve Candle Lighting service is at 6:30, then it’s up to my sister’s to exchange gifts with them. It’s going to be a long, long day. Followed by ANOTHER long day, since we have to get up in the morning, open gifts here, have breakfast, and have Stef and the baby to the airport by noon. And the weather man said last night to look for 7″ of snow. Yuck! Was hoping it would hold out till they were on their way to Oregon.

It’s been great to get to know little Caleb. We saw him last when he was a month old. He’s just starting to walk now. He’s such a cutie.

But my favorite part of the season so far has been delivering gifts to the three ladies I visit regularly – Patricia (54), Mona (87), and Eunice (102). Our son went with me and they so enjoyed getting to chat with him. THAT’S where I’ve really seen Christmas this year.

So if you’re looking for the spirit of Christmas under the tree, in stores, on TV, or whatever, you’re gonna miss out, because Christmas is really all about bringing a special little gift of yourself to someone who has no way to reciprocate. I hope you all find that special little blessing of Christmas somewhere this year, be it a neighbor, a friend, a house-bound family member, or especially a stranger. Keep your eyes open because you never know when you’ll find an unexpected gift right in front of you!

Blessed Christmas to everyone!