A touching little story that kind of reminded me of the book “Joshua” by Joseph F. Girzone.

The Path of Grace

bakeryDowntown there was a bakery.  It was an unassuming place.  Red bricks, nice sign out front, people tended to walk by it without even knowing it was there.  The owner was a young man who seemed to run the place all on his own.  Nobody could quite remember his name or say where he lived for sure, but when folks saw him around town he would always tip his hat and say hello.  He didn’t have a website, he didn’t even have a number listed in the local yellow pages, it was just the man and his bakery.

One wintry Sunday morning, a piece of news flew through the town like a snowflake in a blizzard.  Some years ago, a local boy had been sent away to the state prison. A drug addict, he had attempted to rob a local restaurant in order to get some money for his habit…

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