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Sometimes your life can make a sudden course change and you find out you’re not who you (or everyone else for that matter) thought you were. Suddenly you find new interests, new paths to explore, new ways of feeling, of thinking, of being. But at first it may be too scary to come into the light and let everyone see the “real” you. The authentic you. So you explore in the dawning of your imagination all the possibilities of your life. And hopefully, when you’ve sorted it all out, you’ll emerge from that cocoon a beautiful, empowered butterfly ready to take flight. In the meantime…


Venus yawns and stretches
as together we wait and watch
for the coming of the new day.
I often find myself in her company
in those moments between
sleeping and waking
where life has a soft, fuzzy edge
and dawn holds the promise
of new possibilities.

It is during these sacred moments
that my heart is free to wander
unhindered through the rambling
avenues of my life,
free to explore
what might have been,
what yet may be.

Inside my heart I feel
the first cracks appear
in the caterpillar’s cocoon
and light begin to wend its way
into the hollows
of my hopes and dreams.

I am only now beginning to venture
outside the confines of my cage,
only now learning to savor
the sweet flavor of freedom,
a little at a time.

My soul drinks in the fresh air
and as night kisses the morning hello,
I find myself dancing with abandon
through the streets of my inner world
like the pink ballerina
from my childhood jewelry box.

But the sun is rising now,
and I stop my twirling
to retrace my steps
to the door of my cage,
for I am not yet able
to entertain those possibilities
in the full light of day.

For now they must remain
a secret between
the Morning Star and me,
and together we will dream
of life beyond the bars.