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Some nights it’s just not worth going to bed because my mind won’t shut off and I have a very gabby crazy woman living in my head!



There’s a crazy woman living inside of me
sharing my body, making my life hell.
When I want to lay quiet and drift off to sleep
she sings every song that comes to her mind
running the words and tunes through my head
like the ticker tape across the
screen of a newscast.

And if she gets bored with that,
she replays the events of the day
rearranging them like words
on some damn game show board.
“I should have done this.” “I should have said that.”
“I wish I hadn’t,” and “Next time I will…”

To make matters worse, she fancies herself an
expert life manager and ponders deeply how
best to direct my family’s lives, counsel my friends
and fix the world!

And when she runs out of songs, scenarios and
she lays there wide awake and watches the clock,
listening for house noises that might actually be
something else,
something far more sinister, her imagination ignited again
by far too many TV murder mysteries.

I don’t want her to go away, not really.
I just want her to get her days and nights turned around
so she’s singing happily through the day and
channeling her vivid imagination and problem solving
into something constructive when I could use it most!

I want her to go to bed at the same time as me,
to close her eyes without a fuss
and give that busy mind of hers a rest.
We’d get along so much better on eight full hours of sleep.
It’s exhausting living with a crazy night owl in your head!