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moll flanders

Robin Wright & John Lynch “Moll Flanders”


“Do you see the restrictions of your mortal body?  Close your eyes. Inside you . . . so much space . . . the Cosmos!  Inside you go on forever!” (from the movie *Moll Flanders)




You crept silently into my heart
like an angel of whom I was unaware,
bringing with you love and light
into the place of darkness
where my emotions dwelt.

In the warm, soft glow you cast
into the far corners of that inner world,
I have discovered things about myself
that I never knew,
or had, perhaps, forgotten.

Backlit by your care and concern,
and encouraged by the time
you have invested in our friendship,
I have gone exploring
with courage newly discovered.

What I will find has yet to be seen,
but because of your presence in my world,
I think I’m finally remembering
who it is I was meant to be.