Christopher LloydOn the way home from my little hospital adventure Wednesday night, and starving from not being able to stand the sight of food for two days, we stopped by the local Village Inn and happened to bump into, of all people, Christopher Lloyd. He was sitting in the booth next to us chatting with an older man about leveling concrete slabs.

Apparently he was as interested in us as we were in him, because he turned clear around on his bench to talk. Now Lord Drollery here is a huge fan of Back to the Future, so in no time at all they were “talking shop.” Minute details of the movie emerged. HL found out the DeLorean left at 10:04 p.m. rather than 12:05 a.m. the way he remembered.

Eventually the conversation turned to Comic Con held here in Salt Lake City. Christopher had attended, of course. HL asked him whom he dressed as. Himself, of course! he said. The ensuing conversation had something to do with his $300 trench coat worn specially for the occasion.

While they chatted and we waited for our food, the older gentleman went to pay the cashier. Christopher asked us if we would be going to Comic Con this year. A few minutes later Christopher’s dinner mate returned to the table and said, “Hey, there you are! I was halfway home when I realized you weren’t with me! We’d better go or you’re going to get left. Then Jessie here,” he said, pointing to the Village Inn manager, “is going to have to drive you home.”

It was a real treat for us to bump into Christopher Lloyd at Village Inn. Though for the wait staff he seemed to be well known by the servers. He rose from the bench to follow the older man out, turned with a toothy, lopsided grin and waved. Then once more he paused and turned back to us. He wondered if we were going to be there on November 12th at 10:04 for the big lightning storm when he was going to go back to the future. “Of course! Wouldn’t miss it,” HL said, and asked if he needed help to plug the cord in (the details of the movie were lost on me at this point). Christoper assured us he would be able to take care of that himself just fine.

Without another word he smiled, and, dragging one leg that didn’t work quite so well, he followed the older gentleman (his grandfather, Jessie told us) out to his “DeLorean.”

That’s pretty much all we learned about Christopher (Joe) Lloyd that night, except that his grandfather bought his $200+ tickets to the three-day convention, his aunt Michelle did his make-up, and his mum made his costume and sent to London for the pricy trench coat. And while she did attend the big convention with him, she did NOT dress up. He must be a pretty special guy in his own right to have a family who loved him so much.

I couldn’t help thinking what an amazing time that must have been for him when he got to meet his hero Doctor Emmett Brown last spring and shake his hand for real. The world needs more people like Christopher (Joe) Lloyd.