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So! Get your rotten tomatoes ready, ’cause you’re going to want to throw them at me after my little poemy rant about fairytales last week. Now, I didn’t mean to do this. It wasn’t even MY idea. At church yesterday our best friends asked if we wanted to go to the movies. Seems Mark had an itch to see a certain film. We didn’t hesitate. Had been a while since we’d been to the movies. But his choice caught me totally of guard. He wanted to see Cinderella. Yes, the one that was just released on Friday.

cinderella 3Now, we never go to movies opening weekends. I hate fighting crowds. The one exception for me was Fellowship of the Rings Christmas 2001. So I was more than a little surprised at Mark’s choice. But we’re good sports, so off to the Cineplex we went. I must admit that secretly I was agog over those lovely, sparkly shoes from the commercials. (Have I mentioned I was a crow in a previous life?)

Long story short, after my snarky comments about fairytales, and Cinderella in particular (see Fairytale), I quite liked the movie. It wasn’t as imaginative as last year’s Maleficent (but then THAT movie had a glorious dragon!). In fact, this Cinderella was pretty much the original Disney version clothed in flesh with a minor tweak here and there.

My blood sugar started to rise with the repetition of the Cindy’s mom’s words to her daughter as she (mom) lay on her deathbed: “Always be kind, always be brave, always be full of courage.” It sounded a bit like the sign off at the end of a Garrison Keilllor radio show: “Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.”

After that the story went on as expected until right near the end when, to my delight, they eschewed the whole happily-ever-after thing in favor of a new motto: The greatest risk a person can take is to let others see them for who they really are. OMG! I wanted to stand up and cheer, but I was sitting between his lordship and Amy, both of whom would have bopped me on the head. So, not being a fan of blood sports, I kept my mouth shut and just grinned from ear to ear.

When all is said and done, my hat is off to Disney studios for actually sending a positive message instead of a lot of romantic drivel. The movie itself was a colorful feast for the eyes. Lily James (Rose on Downton Abbey) was beautiful as Cinderella, and Richard Madden (lately of Game of Thrones fame) made a great handsome prince. Kate Blanchett proved once more that she has time time traveled from the golden days of Hollywood (she is so glamorous), but Helena Bonham Carter took the prize as the fashion coordinating fairy godmother.

The take away from the movie? “The greatest risk a person can take is to let others see them for who they really are.” Now that’s an ending I can live with because I truly believe it. And it takes a hell of a lot of courage to do.

But I still think the shoes were the star of the show!

cinderella slippers