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Elizabeth Preston has posted some terrific words to live from her grandmother who just passed away. I thought they were pretty bloomin’ amazing.

At the Foot of the Sierras

My grandmother passed away recently (hence no blog post last week). She was such a tough lady. It took two major strokes and being 90 years old to finally beat her, and even then she was still fighting to live. I’m so proud to call her my grandmother. She did a lot with her life, although I know that she didn’t feel like it. She was a retired nurse, retired nursing supervisor at a veteran’s hospital, and a graduate of Baylor University. She was also the rebellious daughter of a preacher, breast cancer survivor, and lover of antiques, dogs, and mountains. Heck, she drove across the country by herself in her little sports car when she was in her 70s. I’m so utterly proud to have had the privilege of knowing her, of loving her, and of being loved by her. She taught me a great deal, and I would…

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