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Van GoghI’m so tickled to be able to reblog a poem written by Plato’s Groove’s very talented young daughter. I was amazed at her self-awareness and would have been thrilled to be able to articulate my feelings as she has done when I was her age. Read and enjoy (and marvel!), and please take a moment to stop by Plato’s Groove and leave her a note of encouragement.


Alone Together – Guest Blog, My Baby

Guest writer.  My favorite poet and thrift store buddy.  My baby wrote this.  She hates that I don’t use punctuation.


Alone – For ages, no one there to hold you when your are sad

You are different

People don’t understand you

Do they even try

My brain is different

Though many think I am




It is all but a mask

I think that if I am loud and energetic

People will want to be around me

That they will like me

I do this so I don’t have to be alone

The funny part is

I think I want company

That I want a liking to radiate and surround me like smoke

But then, I think of it further and I decide

I do not want it

I decide that it does not make me feel accompanied

But in fact more alone

It makes me feel a sense of aloneness

No one I have met is quite like me

What I mean by this is that I like to write, and listen to classical pianists play

Sometimes the notes I hear rush from the piano

Stealing tears from my eyes

Sadly I do not know what causes the wet drops that birth from my eyes

Believe me, I wish I did

Is it that their playing is so beautiful that I ooze jealousy

Or is it that I relate with the music

Maybe it is that with each note I hear a different emotion erupting from my soul

A new thought, memory, daydream

No one feels this way as far as I am aware

And it saddens me greatly

I like to think that I am normal, just like everyone else

But I can not lie, especially to my self

I like to look at my paintings

I have tried to paint, but alas, I am no good

Even though I am handicapped by the actual action of painting I can still gaze upon the beauty of Van Gogh

Who at this very moment is my favorite artist

The way his paintings mesh so perfectly together, and not one stroke looks out of place

His attention to detail is impeccable

And inspires me daily

Not only are his paintings appealing to me

So is his darkness

He was a sad man, suicidal

But through his darkness a light was shone, his art

He took his darkness and poured it out on to a bare canvas making light

When I think of Van Gogh I feel not alone

I feel like we are, in some odd way, alike

Although I have not found my light like he, his paintings

I have faith I will one day

I am like Van Gogh

We are alone together

I like photographs of my family, of my friends, of strangers

I prefer old photos

As I feel they have more history behind them

But new ones are OK I suppose

Pictures of happy people, feelings of love and warmth

Pictures of people laughing, I love them all

But sad ones I would have to say are my favorites

I feel happy gets old

But sad – When you see a sad picture you get the opportunity to ask yourself why, what happened

I find that interesting

I feel not alone when I see those photos

The sad looking pictures are like me

We relate

I am like the photos

We are alone


Scary movies also intrigue me

The characters in them are also scared and confused

Looking for a way out just like I am

I am like the characters

We are alone together

Although people may be like me

I am still alone

And so is everyone else

We are alone together