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Easter eggs






We sat there like two players
at a strange game of breakfast chess,
each of us taking and peeling
our favorite pieces from the
decorated eggs in the bowl.

As the game begins, salt and pepper
shakers are grabbed, sprinkled,
and plopped down hard on the table.

Our concentration on our eggs
so severe we hardly dared to breath
let alone speak to one another,—–

he wanting to be off to work,
me wanting to find words for my
anger and hurt feelings left over
from the upheaval of a sadly
disagreeable Easter Sunday.

I don’t understand what happened.
Easter is supposed to be a time
of great rejoicing and celebrating.
How did it turn into a war of words?
How is it the very act of serving
someone for a mere few minutes
can cause such disruption
in the middle of 24 long hours?

what-would-jesus-do_02Jesus made the ultimate
sacrifice for each of us,
is it too much to ask for us
to take ten minutes out of
our day to “do unto others?”
The question really isn’t
“What would Jesus do?”
The question is, “What would
Jesus have US do for others?”

Now here I sit wondering
how long this new cold war
will last before the next thaw.

Will we ignore the warning signs
of relational implosion again,
or will one of us finally
start the negotiations to
put an end to this new
round of religious sanctioned