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We should ALL be outraged by this.

The Path of Grace

ArticleScottMy guess is most of us hadn’t heard of Walter Scott, 50, of South Carolina until a few hours ago.  By most accounts he was just a guy trying to get by in life. He had served two years in the Coast Guard, had 4 kids, and loved the Dallas Cowboys.  He could be any one of us, really.

Mr. Scott wasn’t perfect. Apparently he was having issues paying some child support.  He had a warrant out for him for this and for failure to appear in Family Court.

Last Saturday, a police officer in South Carolina pursued Mr. Scott after attempting to pull him over for a broken tail light. Eventually Mr. Scott exited his vehicle and some kind of an encounter ensued with the officer.  Another individual happened to catch the incident on video via his cell phone.  The video shows Mr. Scott turning to run from the…

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