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Spider in the bath, "house spider" by plug in bath notes and queries

Spider in the Bathtub

Round and round the tub
the wretched thing ran,
eight legs in constant,
useless motion
as it tried to scale
the porcelain walls.

The hair raised on
the back of my neck
while shivers migrated
down my arms.
Cursed thing!
And hollering at my husband
to come and get it out,
I started downstairs
to fetch a robe.

But somewhere between
the fifth step and
the bottom landing,
I paused to consider
the spider’s plight.

Would a spider feel panic
in such a hopeless situation?
Is there a spider god
to which it would cry out
begging for mercy
and deliverance?
Or would it finally
just sit quietly,
resigned to whatever end
the fates had in store,
coming to grips at last
with its own impotency?

I sighed wearily…knowingly…
and a wave of kinship
swept over my heart.

Quickly I retraced my steps
intent on rescuing
the creature and
putting it outside
where it could at least
live out its spider life
safe from any harm
at my family’s hand.

But just as I reached
the top of the stairs
I heard the toilet flush
and knew the deed was done.
Standing in the doorway
I watched my husband
throw a crumpled
tissue in the trash –
the spider’s shroud…
And I felt very, very sad,

very vulnerable.

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