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AliceI copied this post from a blog years ago. Unfortunately I failed to copy where I even got it from! My profound apologies to the person who wrote it, and if they see this or you know that person, please let me know so I can give credit where credit is due.

(Having said that, I got up this morning to find that Matt over at The Book Blogger had played sleuth during the night and gone and found the blog for me. The author is Wende Sanders who is a relationship and life coach. Here is the link to her “Alice” blog: You’ve lost your muchness — Alice in Wonderland.  Special thanks to super sleuth Matt for his detective work. Sherlock Holmes would be very proud of you!)

I often feel as if I have TOO MUCH muchness. For me that equates to being far too serious or deep philosophically or emotional all the time. And for some reason I feel like people have a hard time handling muchness. Therefore they have a hard time handling me!

The word muchness comes from Tim Burton’s movie Alice in Wonderland. Not sure if it’s also in the book. Haven’t read it. But I ran across this post where the author was trying to explain what muchness was.


“You’re not the same as you were before. You were much more muchier; you’ve lost your muchness.” –Mad Hatter

“My muchness?” – Alice

“In there (your heart/core), something is missing.” –Mad Hatter

I recently saw (twice) Alice in Wonderland directed by Tim Burton; I can’t believe how much I loved it. It was such a powerful metaphor for life. In my opinion, the dialogue above was one of the most powerful moments of the movie. And, based on Alice’s continual reference from that point forward to possessing her “muchness,” it was powerful to her as well. Many of us have found ourselves involved in events and circumstances that caused us to lose our muchness. Survivors of any type of abuse, molestation, rape, harassment, stalking, disease, cancer, job loss, etc are very likely to experience this as a result of their negative experiences. I’m very grateful to know for a fact that we can regain our muchness, once we decide that we deserve to reclaim it!

As with most aspects of personal development, it begins with making a decision. I hope that today you decide that you deserve to reclaim your God-given right to restore your muchness. If you still have some of it, but it seems to be on life support, then decide to resuscitate your muchness. If you are one of the phenomenal women that has successfully reconnected with and revived your muchness, please look around and help another woman that is currently where you have been. I promise, you won’t need to look far to find one.

Just as Alice does in the movie, we all have a Jabberwocky (scary dragon) that only we can slay. And we all have access to the “sword” we need to slay that dragon. The question I ask of myself and encourage you to ask yourself is “Am I willing to have faith in God and myself, face my fears (despite how real/pressing/pee-in-your-pants-scary they may be) and take the action to retrieve the sword and slay the foe?” For me the answer is “Absolutely! Yes!” I will admit that there was a PROCESS for me to get to that YES. But, I did it, by God’s grace and I believe you can too. If you decide, to reclaim your muchness and be much muchier.

So there you have it! I vote we all reclaim our MUCHNESS!