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Right now I should be doing my assignment for Writing 101 which is to talk about your favorite food when you were growing up. Trouble is, I didn’t HAVE a favorite food — which turned into a problem years later! So while I’m thinking about that post today, I’m off to go do some visiting. I have four ladies I visit a couple times a month through our Care Group ministry at church. They have been such a blessing to me. There’s:


Eunice Johnson – 102

Patricia – 74
Donna – 84
Mona – 87

They have taught me so much and given my life such a purpose since I’ve been doing this. If you’ve never known what it feels like to have someone be truly grateful for you, find someone who is lonely and sit down with them for an hour. The blessings you will get out of it are far more than theirs. I can guarantee that.

Anyway, after posting “Where Have All The Flowers Gone” on my post yesterday I was just in the mood to hop over and hang out on my Music of My Life pin on Pinterest. Ended up listening to this song by Michael Crawford a few times. It really is all about why I do what I do. Thought I’d share…