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Day Fourteen: To Whom It May Concern

Today’s Prompt: Pick up the nearest book and flip to page 29. What’s the first word that jumps off the page? Use this word as your springboard for inspiration. If you need a boost, Google the word and see what images appear, and then go from there. Today’s twist: write the post in the form of a letter.

The word that jumped off page 29 for me from James Dashner’s book “The Death Cure” is “frantic.” Now THAT’S a word I’m familiar with!

* * * * *


Dear Frantic

I know you can’t have seen this coming as you’ve been constantly busy keeping me stirred up. The two of us have been so enmeshed for years now that it feels as if we’ve been living in a whirlwind. It’s been all I could do to stop for a moment now and then to catch my breath.

But it’s finally dawned on me that we’re always on the go, always busy and ruffled, always worrying over things that never happen, and I’m missing out on my life! I’ve come to the conclusion that’s not the way I want to live. Some people have to jump off the merry-go-round at some point, others the hamster wheel. As for me, I need to stop living in that fight/flight mode.

I need to stop worrying about what others think of me. Will they like me better if I do X for them? Should I wear Y today to the luncheon so I can fit in and be more accepted? Z really likes to talk about what’s going on at church, so I should just shut up and be attentive and he’ll think I’m just great!

And what do I get out of all that frantic attention t detail? A lot of folks who speak well of me but never bother to check to see if I might need something because they think I’m so freakin’ self-sufficient.

Well, Frantic, it’s time that you and I parted company. I don’t WANT to live my life in an uproar any more. I want to take time to stop and smell the roses (yes, I know, very cliche), or the new mowed grass (as Plato puts it). I want to learn to sit quietly and gather myself and not feel like I HAVE to be doing this, that, or the other. Life is going too fast for me now. I need to slow down or I’ll run out of life before I run out dreams…

I appreciate everything you’ve done for me over the years. God knows I wouldn’t have gotten the kids raised, or the two jobs worked at once, or all the other “stuff” I’ve had to do at home and church done if it hadn’t been for you. But I think it’s time for you to move on and find some young mom who really needs that boost of adrenalin to keep her life on track.

Thank you for all your years of service. I will, of course, be more than happy to provide references with the caveat that your employers need to schedule regular times away from you because you’re so task oriented you’ll make them nuts like you did me. But I promise to word it nicely.

So, Frantic, this is goodbye. I hope you find another really insecure person to live in because you have so much to give. If ever I feel I could use your help again, I will be sure to drop you a note and let you know. In the meantime I suggest YOU take some time off. You’ve been kind of losing focus lately, wandering from room to room forgetting what it is you’re about. That’s either because I’m getting old, or you’re burned out! So do take a vacation before you start your job search.

You have my heart-felt gratefulness.