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Logged onto the computer around 1:30 this afternoon and realized immediately I’d lost all my “Saved” stuff out of gmail. This was the second time it happened so figured I’d try to get in touch with SOMEONE to see if I could get it restored. Couldn’t find a bloomin’ number for support anywhere. Finally his lordship called with one he said he found on line. So I called them. It was down hill from there.

The gal answered “Google Support Desk.” She was going to go in remotely and see if she could tell what had happened. Well, she got bogged down in the process somewhere and called her supervisor. After HE farted around on here for some time he informed me our computer had been hacked and that all our electronic devices on our wifi system in the house were now compromised. He proceeded to tell me he had two businesses in our area who could go in and do this long list of things to the computer to fix it. He said until that was done our IP address wasn’t going to be any good because whoever it was had already used it over 43,000 times for this that and the other. He wanted to know which business I wanted him to contact for me. It would cost $269.50.

And interestingly, while I was on the phone with him, I had a call coming in from a name that was very foreign. I did NOT answer that call.

The warning bells were going off by then so I told him I couldn’t authorize that purchase but would contact HL and have him call him right back. When he did, the guy answered the phone but hung up when he found out who it was. It had scam written all over it — but something HAD happened in my gmail account. Probably the two weren’t even connected.

We didn’t know that, however, so I ended up spending hours on here with Norton today. Finally got off about 6:30. They went through everything with a fine-toothed comb. It was a very s-l-o-w process. The upshot was, yes, someone had tried to hack the computer three times this afternoon, and when HL checked Norton a few minutes ago someone had tried several more times tonight. We did verify that the number we called today was a legitimate number, which still leaves us with the question of whether someone is screwing around with our computer or not.

This poor little baby is nine years old and has been SO traumatized today. I lost my gravatar image somewhere in the process and the screen looks different. It’s bugging the crap out of me. HL is ornery. He works with this stuff at work all day. This was the last thing he wanted to come home and have to deal with.

Me? I’m just bloody tired tonight and need a frickin’ hug! And a lot of prayers and good vibes that whoever this is they’ll get bored with us!