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Well it’s Saturday so it must be time for a sing-a-long. (Although, if you can sing along with this video, record yourself and send it to me so I can put it on here!)

I have such a soft heart for underdogs. I admit it. I bring strays home all the time and they’re not always critters (much to his lordship’s consternation!). I also have the guilty habit of sifting through the Britain’s Got Talent videos that get posted to You Tube regularly. I didn’t like the American version. Whole different vibe here. Anyway, often on Saturday afternoons you can catch me imbibing in this guilty pleasure, and today I watched for probably the 100th time, the audition of Paul Potts, a car phone salesman from Wales.

Now I don’t care for opera for the most part, but as I listened to this man sing, I was in tears. The music of his heart even more than his talent just touched me in a way I’d never have expected. He has become a terrific success since that 2008 contest, with three best-selling albums and world tours. In fact, there is now a movie about his story. It’s called One Chance. It was well done and I loved it. And just think, he was nearly too scared to try out for that competition!

Just goes to show you what can happen when you turn around and face those fears in your dreams. I think I watch this video in the hope that some of his courage will rub off on me! (No, I didn’t mean I want to sing! Only that I’d like to be a little bit braver in general when it comes to following my heart and my dreams…)

By the way, this man flunked OUT of the opera school in Venice because he kept getting too scared to sing!