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I’m posting the whole of Plato’s new poem on here for everyone to read. I do hope you’ll stop by Plato’s Groove and listen to him read it. He has the most wonderful reading voice.


Silly Boy


Silly boy, never ever be just something else, somebody else has on their list

Why would you pause along that way

There are no sunsets on lists, or sighs, or laughter, or sweet deep kisses, even true friendship is too large to fit there

Never wait your turn as though you are a beggar at the door

If your appearance is not the sunrise there then perhaps you have again knocked at the wrong place

Welcome mats do change with the season and their promise is sometimes contingent on whim or convenience

Just because welcome was spoken does not guarantee that it will be granted

Leave your gift on that doorstep.  You will not be diminished for the gifting, but leave it and go

The Beauty is calling, She beckons and silences the spirit. She calls from a place beyond the surface of things

Deep calls to deep, move out of the shallows, follow the sun’s rising through the early morning’s mist

Would they change you or rearrange you, bid you wait, or take your turn

That is not your path, those are not your companions

Your way is upon the trackless waters, there you may find companions far away from the shallows

There will be great joy in the meeting for they too seek that which calls to you

They understand the deep and those groanings for which there are no  words

Leave your gifts at the door, if they would journey they will come, if there is doubt though, beauty will not live there, only lists

You will know your companions for they will beam in your brightness and when you are adrift their clapping will again fill your sails

All else is false promise and the use of you to fill holes in a shallow list, silly boy