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goofy Arn

After our 35th Anniversary Renewal of Vows service. And he hadn’t even had anything to drink yet!

After All These years

For more than half my life
I’ve woken up next to him.
And after all this time he is
as necessary to my being
as the very air I breathe.

We have lived through much,
this man and I.
The fear of his unexpected illness;
the disappointment of miscarriage
after years of trying to conceive;
the joy of the birth of a son;
the delight of the adoption of a daughter.

I have admired him as
he gave hours and years
to coaching little league teams
and playing Santa Claus
for the office and
the neighborhood kids.
For 13 years I have marveled
as he has been
…bread winner
…college student
all at the same time.

And I watched with great respect
as he refused to be a part
of unethical behavior
in the workplace, choosing,
instead, to lose his job.

There have been other times as well,
darker times when things between us
were not as they should be,
when our marriage hung
by a handful of threads…
sometimes my fault, sometimes his.

But the thing that still amazes me
after all these years,
after all the ups and downs,
after all the smiles,
after all the tears,
after all the yelling,
and after all the making up,
is that my heart still quivers
when I look up unexpectedly
to find him watching me.

As we lit our anniversary candles, this is the song we had played when we walked out of the sanctuary…