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The Intention of the I AM | Plato’s Groove
lion cub

This poem has such a lot of ATTITUDE! I LOVED it! Please do take the time to stop by PG’s place and listen to the audio of this. I swear it will make you smile!


The Intention of the I AM

He ain’t scared! :)

I want to write something just because I can
I feel cocky and the wilder parts of me have been stirred up
I don’t wait for permission
Or some other’s indulgence
I am
I write for me because I wish it, cause I’m alive
I beat my chest and growl, I roar
I am present on the savannah
Hear me, feel me, wonder what I will do
I am
I feel my heart’s beating, my blood rushing
I fill my lungs with the fragrant life surrounding me
Feet solid, gaze unblinking, alert, unafraid
I walk as one with authority, the earth trembles beneath my steps
I am
And so are You
Roar for the joy of it
Run, jump, laugh, do your dance in spite of circumstance
All that is wrong is the belief that something is wrong . . . with you
Be Groovy! :)