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Five About Five Around the neighborhood

gauntletWordPress.com is its own little neighborhood. We stop by each others stoops to gab often! But how well do you know your neighbors? For a Memorial Day post, I’m throwing down the gauntlet and waiting to see who will be brave enough to pick it up. Can anyone out there pick five of their most-visited bloggers and tell us five things they know about them? I’m going to try…

Fimnora at Quantum Hermit
1. She has the most amazing imagination of anyone I know!
2. Her writing is exquisitely eloquent.
3. She’s brave and doesn’t back down from challenges (though it may take her a while to make the journey!).
4. She’s had so many unusual life experiences that she’s a terribly interesting person.
5. She’s one of the most positive people I know.

Plato at Plato’s Groove
1. His writing is deep and raw and rousing.
2. He’s got a weird, off-beat sense of humor.
3. He’s a terrific encourager.
4. His connection with nature has evolved into a source of Zen-like inspiration.
5. He’s got an amazing, pied-piper kind of voice (which you can hear on his audio poems).

Clare at My Creative Cosmos
1. She has a sneaky sense of humor that pops out and tickles you every now and then!
2. She’s brave and adventurous.
3. She’s SMART when it comes to computer/Word Press issues.
4. She’s traveled widely.
5. Her writing is intuitive and engaging turning everyday occurrence into magic encounters.

Jane at Making It Write
1. She has lived more life than most of us will ever see.
2. She’s one brave lady.
3. Her writing is raw and real and hard hitting.
4. She has a sneaky sense of humor.
5. She loves the outdoors.

Michelle at Random_Michelle
1. She’s one smart cookie!
2. She’s brave enough to tackle any subject.
3. She’s family oriented.
4. Just had her first book published!
5. I love her self-confidence and the role-model she is for women.

There! That wasn’t TOO hard. There were a few others I could add to the list, but these are the folks I’m most in touch with.

If anyone DOES decide to pick up that glove, please ping me back and let me know. I want to see!

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!