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Johnjzokovitch over at Stories in the Struggle has issued a Love/Hate Challenge to anyone who wishes to participate. Fimnora over at Quantum Hermit took him up on it, so I’m jumping on the bandwagon, too. Here goes (thought it was HARD to limit it to ten things!)

Ten Things I Love
1. My family (my hubby, my kiddos, my s-i-l, my grandkiddos, my sis and b-i-l, and my brother)
2. Reading
3. Writing
4. Autumn
5. The Ocean
6. Forests
7. Driving alone playing my cd’s in the car really LOUD!
8. Twitch and Buddy, our cats
9. TV reality series So You Think You Can Dance
10. BIG storms with lots of thunder and lightning

Ten Things I Hate
1. Getting older
2. Struggling to get ready for retirement
3. Road construction
4. Cruelty in any form but especially to children and animals
5. Hypocrisy — especially in churches
6. Being diabetic
7. Housework — including cooking
8. Winter
9. Media scare tactics
10. Not being able to sleep