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Ever since I responded a few days ago to Johnjzokovitch over at Stories in the Struggle with my own list of things I love and hate, I’ve had this hankerin’ to do a little challenge on PET PEEVES! Today’s the day, by golly! I’m going to do it! Here’s my list of my Top 10 Pet Peeves. Anyone who would like to play along feel free to leave yours in a comment, or ping me! I’d love to see what drives everyone else nuts.


Pet Peeves1. When people with a cart full of groceries park themselves in the express lanes at the grocery store.

2. When his lordship insists on turning into the FIRST driveway at the store thus having to bulldoze his way through all the people going in and out instead of turning into the SECOND driveway (which is a straight shot to the pumps, no people) to get gas. It’s like begging fate to let you run over someone!

3. When these two guys here leave trash on the kitchen counters rather than walking the extra two feet to the garbage can. (I am NOT a maid service!)

4. People who sneeze or belch without covering their mouths. (Ick!)

5. People who park in handicap spaces with no visible handicap signs on or in their cars. (In my fondest dreams I buy these ALMOST windshield-size stickers that say something really pithy to plaster in the middle of their windshields! 😡 )

6. Cupboard doors (or other doors) and drawers that get left open. (Again, it’s a maid thing.)

7. People on their phones in restaurants. (I’m often tempted to take them away and throw them in their soup — even my own son’s!)

8. Lights left on in vacant rooms. (I’m resigned to being a maid… 😦 )

9. Phone systems you have to wade through to speak to a human.

10. Having my Saturday mornings disrupted by life.


I would have added this one, but since TP manufacturers are making the rolls narrower, the whole bloomin’ roll ends up unrolling on the floor anyway. We don’t even bother to put it on the holder half the time…

toilet paper roll
Ok, your turn. What things set YOUR teeth on edge?