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The Bar J Wranglers – left to right: Bryan Humphrey, Donnie Cook, Danny Rogers, Tim Hodgson, Scott Humphrey

The Bar J Wranglers

Some folks call it a western music show; some call it a stand-up comedy show with masterful cowboy music; others call it the best musical experience in the west.  Call it what you want to – the fact remains – The Bar J Wranglers from Jackson Hole, Wyoming, deliver some of the purest harmony, best musicianship and funniest ranch humor ever seen on stage.  As soon as the Bar J Wranglers take to the stage, listeners leave behind their busy life and settle into a time long ago – a time of the singing cowboy. The Bar J Wranglers have performed nationwide with outstanding performers such as Roy Rogers, Randy Travis, Sons of the Pioneers and others. 

The Bar J Chuckwagon

Bar J chuckwagaonWith a seating capacity of 750 people, it may surprise many to know that we serve all our guests in less than 25 minutes.  We can easily handle tour groups or convention parties with true western hospitality.

The gates open at 5:30pm and the dinner bell rings promptly at 7:00pm.  For the best seats bar-j-chuckwagon-supperscome early.  Visit our western village where gift shops await, take a horse-drawn wagon ride through scenic attractions, sample Dutch oven biscuits, enjoy refreshments from our Waterin’ Hole, and chat with the Wranglers!


We’ve probably seen these guys over 20 times in the last few years. They’re very active in doing charity concerts for communities all over the west from September through May. Their season at the Chuckwagon is from Memorial Day to Labor Day, seven nights a week! Talk about dedication. We’ve been up to the ranch a couple times and it’s really a hoot! Literally! And the Bar J boys are the ones that serve the dinner, so it’s all up close and personal.

teton mtsIf you’ve never been to Jackson, Wyoming, it’s worth the trip just to see them. But you have the added bonus of the beautiful Teton National Park to inspire you. There’s tons of things to do. It’s a great weekend getaway. (And you never know when you might see Harrison Ford around as he lives on a ranch just outside of town!)

* * * * *

This is one of my favorite songs by them. A piece of it anyway. Scott Humphrey wrote it. At the end of this piece is Babe Humphrey. He was one of the second generation Sons of the Pioneers and has been inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame.