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garden path beyond the boundary

Beyond the Garden Gate
(by Calen & Plato)

I stand alone peering into the star-speckled sky,
hand resting lightly on the unlatched garden gate.
I come here again, haunted by and drawn to the boundary,
straining to hear the music once more,
my heart settling into its rhythm;
my breathing, unspoken words to its tune —
it must be home, for I feel an alien here, beckoned
by the strangely familiar knowing for which I have no words.
Longing courses through my blood,
I push the gate not knowing if its creak is an invitation or a warning.
Fear, my old friend and foe, releases her grip
as I step gingerly onto the sacred, unexplored ground
out onto the damp, cool, dirt path.
I feel the throb of a heartbeat through my bare feet,
the pulse of home beats in my heart and rushes through my veins.
I am awakened and alive as I finally move toward my Soul’s true habitation.