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One more little post before I get started with my day. I’m ten minutes past my playtime! But I’ve been reviewing what we learned in Writing 201: Poetry (which I eventually dropped out of!) about Acrostics. There was a word that jumped out at me while Lord Drollery and I were watching TV last night. And the only thing I could think to do with it was try an acrostic. (We were watching saved up episodes of Person of Interest…)

So just now I scribbled the letters down the side of my Word Pad to see what hidden message might emerge. I was taken aback, but not surprised… I should have tried to rhyme it, but I’m short on time this morning. My brother, whom I haven’t seen for ten years, will be here for a few hours tomorrow. I’m muckin’ out the stable, so to speak!

(I DID manage to rhyme the one we did in class, but I think that was just dumb luck! Imaginations)

* * * * *

fragile child







Didn’t you know when I was six

And had been the apple of dad’s eye

My whole life, the center of our family,

All that would change when I wasn’t an ONLY anymore?

Growing up with two much younger siblings,

Each doted on by one parent,

Destroyed the fragile self I had started to become.