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Barnes and Noble, Layton, Utah

Barnes & Noble, Layton, Utah

I finished up the post this morning and Bran and I drove out to Barnes & Noble to pick up a book they were holding for me. Standing in line to check out I saw the only clerk was a lady I’ve never been able to warm up to. She’s been there for years and I think she must be the front end manager. Small and thin with a close cropped hair style, she has a very severe look about her. Her facial expression is severe, her mannerisms are as well. She’s all business. And is ALWAYS in a hurry like she’s herding people onto a Southwest Airlines plane.

TheLittleParisBookshopWell this morning the store wasn’t busy and I happened to be the last person waiting in line. I asked for the book they were holding and finished the transaction, then out of the blue she asked me if I had any plans for the holiday weekend (Pioneer Days in Utah). I actually stuttered. Except to ask if I have a Barnes & Noble membership card, I don’t believe she’s ever spoken to me except about official business. And Bran is amazed. He’s always called her cranky!

Once I got over the shock and was able to converse with her in a natural manner, we talked about her going camping for the weekend. I shared we had a wedding to go to on Saturday. “Well at least you won’t have to do your nails,” she said. “They’re beautiful.” I’d just done them Saturday a metallic pink. She laughed when I told her they were going to be lime green to match a top I had.

Just then someone else got in line and I wished her a good day. As I walked away I heard her switch to her business posture again and I kind of shook my head. Some people are REALLY different. But at least next time I won’t be so afraid to interact with her. I would never have suspected she could be so chit-chatty. It just made me smile in light of what I’d posted this morning.