Smaller and Smaller


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ice cube






like a slowly melting
cube of ice
my world is trickling away,
diminished daily by
lack of affection,
lack of space,
and an ever dwindling
number of years

i feel stifled, suffocated
as my mind reels
from an endless litany of
things i can’t do…
places i can’t go…
wonders i’ll never see…
people i need who
have no time for me…

my breath comes in
short gasps now…

please “see” me,

please love me,

please hold me,

don’t leave me!

and in my despair
my world grows
smaller and smaller
by the moment,
one quiet tear at a time


6 thoughts on “Smaller and Smaller”

  1. It did not happen to me until I was nearly two years older than you, and yes “damn shame” I could have saved myself all the years of anguish and possibly ill health. We just have to try and make the most of it now dear Friend, I have never felt so calm it is inner Peace I have searched all my adult life for and now its been given to me.

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  2. Yes, its a quiet calm day, managing to get some work done at last. You are right whether it is marriage counselling or other it does not change who you are. It would help if the other half spoke and did not walk out of a room every time one entered it. Years later something happens to you that calms you finally makes you at peace with yourself. Enjoy your beautiful surroundings.

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  3. Thought for one moment you were talking about me, maybe you are? Really excellent, going to read it again and again.

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    • Perhaps that’s because we have so much in common. Well, us and a lot of other people, both women AND men. Being neglected doesn’t play favorites. I’m glad you could identify with it. Lord Drollery and I have been through some difficult times. Been to marriage counseling. Didn’t solve all our problems because even the best counseling can’t change personalities, but it helped a lot. Hope you’re having a good day over there across the Pond! {{{Anna}}}

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