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Read this poem this morning on The Writer’s Almanac (which I get in my email every day), and it reminded me of someone we know and love who is playing around with putting his words to music — Plato! Do stop by and hear some of his wonderful poems read aloud with music over at Plato’s Groove. In the mean time, enjoy this poem by Billy Collins. And check out The Writer’s Almanac. I’ve been getting their email for








The Blues

by Billy Collins

Listen Online (poem is at 3:06)

Much of what is said here
must be said twice,
a reminder that no one
takes an immediate interest in the pain of others.

Nobody will listen, it would seem,
if you simply admit
your baby left you early this morning
she didn’t even stop to say good-bye.

But if you sing it again
with the help of the band
which will now lift you to a higher,
more ardent and beseeching key,

people will not only listen;
they will shift to the sympathetic
edges of their chairs,
moved to such acute anticipation

by that chord and the delay that follows,
they will not be able to sleep
unless you release with one finger
a scream from the throat of your guitar

and turn your head back to the microphone
to let them know
you’re a hard-hearted man
but that woman’s sure going to make you cry.

“The Blues” by Billy Collins from Sailing Alone Around the Room. © Random House, 2002.