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I loved Michelle’s post on Random Michelle this morning. I had never thought about deja vu experiences in light of dreams. Fascinating! For the most part I’ve been enamored with recurring dreams.

School dreams: Can’t find my locker, when I do I don’t remember the comb to the lock, or I just plain can’t find my classroom.

Driving dreams: These dreams plague me quite often. I’ll be riding in a car with some and we take a wrong trun, have a wreck, or the person gets out and leaves me. I had always thought they were about others having power over me and then abandoning me. But suddenly after years and years I began dreaming that I was the one driving the car. Sometimes I was alone, sometimes not. I didn’t think much about the shift until I started dreaming about driving blind. Yep, couldn’t see the road for the fog, needed to control the car but couldn’t see up ahead, AND actually being blind! And I think I’ve come to the conclusion that the car dreams have been about me and my feelings of impotency all along.

Potty dreams: Of course once you hit your 60’s your mind can suddenly spin you off into “toity” dreams where you’ve just GOT to go and you can find a toity anywhere. (So you wake up and go to the bathroom!) That’s an easy one to interpret.

House dreams: These are common to me, too, and usually denote some turbulence in my relationship with Lord Drollery. I will dream I’ve come home at night and there are no lights on in the house, but the door is standing wide open. Sometimes I go in, sometimes I don’t!

But the hardest dreams for me started when I was fairly young and still persist at 64-years-old…night terrors.

nightmareNight terrors: For me they take on the form of the unreasonable fear that someone is coming into my bedroom with the intent to do me harm. These dreams don’t happen when I’m soundly asleep, but when I’m in that twilight place and drifting off. Often I will wake with a start and lay and stare at the door for a very long time because I’m so sure someone is in the house and coming to our room. When I was young I had a hard time articulating them to my folks.

As an adult, my mind goes to a different place than Michelle’s about this particular kind of dream. I’ve always considered myself a “Christian” though lately I fairly shrink from using that word and the associations coming to be identified with it. What I am is a follower of The Way, of Jesus. That being said, I KNOW I’m NOT supposed to believe in reincarnation, but these dreams take me back to that proposition again and again. And in my weird little mind I can’t help but fiddle with the idea of having been endangered or killed in a past life by an intruder and the aura of that will not let me go for whatever reasons.

I know next to nothing about reincarnation. But try as I do to deny even the idea of it, there it is, and it haunts me. It’s a sad, weird thing to still suffer with this in my 60’s. I’ve just never gotten over it. Hopefully someday I will become so forgetful I won’t THINK ABOUT THEM anymore!!!

* * * * *

What is the best dream you’ve ever had? Recount it for us in all its ethereal glory. If no dream stands out in your memory, recount your worst nightmare. Leave no frightening detail out.