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There’s a quote by Sam Keen I love that always gives me pause for thought…

“The sacred is discovered in what moves and touches us, in what makes us tremble.”

SacredHave you ever stopped to think about what feels sacred to you? What moves you to tears; touches your heart, mind, soul; what makes your body quiver with emotion?

Though I’ve never made a list, I’m pretty sure I can come up with a few things. Let’s see…

Trees (especially leaves)
The ocean
Books (more specifically the written word)
Music (all different kinds)
Chapels in out of the way places
Our Lady of the Mountain retreat house
The meadow behind our cabin in the mountains
Anywhere near a babbling brook
Pretty rocks
The Holocaust Museum in D.C.
Devil’s Tower in Wyoming (yes, it actually feels very sacred to me there)

Actually that list was kind of fun to sit and think about, and I know I could go on and on. Everything on there has touched me in a deep place in my life at one time or another. And every one of them has taken their turn to move me just a little closer to God.

You may have noticed I’ve put family last on that list. They should be the very first thing on there, shouldn’t they? I did that deliberately because I have a new SACRED to add to my life today.

Meet Miss Lydia Rose!
She was born at 11:09 this morning
and weighed in at 7 lbs. 9 oz.

Lydia RoseI have never seen anything more sacred than a baby. A new life just waiting to have its pages written on. I can’t help wondering what kind of story she will tell as she’s growing up…

So what things feel sacred to you? Whatever they are I think we should be connecting with them more and more in our lives. They are the things that feed our souls in the midst of a world mired in such spiritual hunger and famine. Even just lighting a candle and sitting quietly, breathing deeply while I watch it is a very spiritual thing to me. Spiritual things (not religious things, btw) have a way of calming me down and bringing me back to the present.

I challenge you to pick one thing in your life you find especially spiritual and write about it today.