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I’ve recently met the loveliest Dragonfly on the blogs and have been spending some time over at her place, Spiritual Dragonfly (which, btw, has the most beautiful blog header I’ve ever seen), culling through her back posts which I am enjoying a lot! I keep running across topics I feel like blogging about. One such post is Alone where she talks about how she feels about her alone time. Well it just so happens I’m ALONE this morning. Lord Drollery is off to Men’s Bible Study and Bran is at work, so it seems like it’s a good time to tackle the subject.

learn to be aloneSo how do I feel about being alone? I LOVE it! No wait! I HATE it! Well, no. I LOVE it… I guess that means I’m kind of ambivalent about it. The truth is, it depends on what KIND of alone time it is.

My favorite alone times are late at night or early in the morning when his lordship and Bran are tucked safely in bed and I can let worrying about them go without feeling guilty. (Funny that I don’t struggle with that with Stef and the kids. I guess they’re so far away I figure what could I do for them anyway. Besides, worrying about them is Jesse’s job now.) Same goes for if they’re both at work. Bran works days on Monday, and that’s my favorite weekday at the moment as I can sit and journal and blog all I want without interruption.

The other kind of alone or “me” time that I like is when I go on Artist Dates (as writing coach Julia Cameron of The Artist’s Way refers to them). It’s when you take yourself off somewhere and just soak up your surroundings, fill up your spiritual well so you have more inspiration in your life to draw from. I love going shopping for stickers to put in my journal by important things. I like going to office supply stores, book stores, or sitting by the big fountain at the hospital and writing. And I don’t mind going to the movies by myself. (I saw Fellowship of the Rings 53 times by myself! REALLY! Gollum had his ring, I had my movie…) But Starbucks is my favorite place of inspiration, though. You can see so many interesting people there and overhear some great conversations. πŸ˜€

I don’t mind being alone. I’m good with my own company and can usually find something to do. I used to meditate a lot, but I’m alone so seldom any more with Bran working only part time, that I grab those rare times for something I feel is more needful (though I’m beginning to ask myself if that meditation isn’t even MORE needful).

That leaves the times I HATE being alone. At night! Always! One of my biggest concerns is what I will do if Lord Drollery passes from this life before I do. I am NOT one of those people who could live alone. I know I would be sleeping all day and awake all night. I hate being alone at our cabin in the Uintahs when the guys have gone fishing. For reasons I haven’t been able to fathom, it spooks me to stay there by myself.

And I hate going anywhere by myself at night. Let’s just say I’ve watched too many murder mysteries over the years. My imagination gets carried away when I’m alone in the dark. (There’s that dark theme again.)

But I think it’s important to note that I seldom get lonely. If that happens I always have friends who are more than willing to go get a cuppa at Starbucks and visit for awhile.

restore myselfSo I don’t MIND being alone. In fact, I need it sometimes to recharge my batteries. Were I to live by the ocean as Dragonfly does, I have a feeling I’d be enjoying time alone a lot more. I’m jealous! But for now I make do as best I can. One of these days I’m going to get brave enough to go off by myself for a weekend somewhere and sit in a hotel room and just write. I’m trying to get up the nerve! In the meantime, however, I’m good with where I’m at. I just wish Bran would find a full-time day job! I really wouldn’t know how to act!

How about you guys? Do you LIKE being alone? HATE it? Tell us what you feel!