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Fim picked a GREAT topic for her Monday Music Medicine Show this week: So my beautiful Monday Music Medicine Show friends, what songs come to mind as the Wheel is near turning? What memories do you carry with you beyond their moment in time? You know I want to hear it. Please share a song that you associate with this time of year.

autumn-wine-grape-harvest-garry-gayAutumn is my favorite time of year. For reasons it would take me forever to sort out, I have always been an autumn person. I think the whole sense of thanksgiving that accompanies harvest time gives me a sense of well-being. But there’s something also about the getting ready to rest for the winter so that in the spring new life can come forth that appeals to me. Perhaps it’s that I know instinctively that if there’s going to be new growth, there has to be a time of dormancy. My problem is my dormant times seem so long these days. That’s one reason I’ve always loved the last verse of The Rose:

When the night has been too lonely and the road has been too long
And you think that love is only for the lucky and the strong
Just remember in the winter far beneath the winter snow
Lies the seed that with the sun’s love, in the spring becomes the rose

It all fits together for me. Plus, my fondest memories of growing up are from the autumn months. Hayrides, weiner roasts in the forest, marshmallows dripping off sticks, the smell of campfires, gathering leaves, Thanksgiving… I could go on forever.

(And do, for goodness sakes, stop by Plato’s Groove and hear him recite his version of an autumn poem he wrote this weekend. It’s deep and reflective.)

Now admittedly Fim chose my very favorite autumn song Autumn Leaves, but there is another autumn song that I have always liked almost as well. It’s September Song, written by Anderson Maxwell and Kurt Weill. I don’t have a favorite version of this song, but the one artist that made an indelible impression on me when he sang it isn’t someone you’d normally think if. It’s Jimmy Durante. Enjoy! And thank you, Fim, for picking a topic that is close to my heart!

When I was a young man courting the girls
I played me a waiting game
If a maid refused me with tossing curls
I let the old earth take a couple of whirls
And as time came around she came my way
As time came around, she came

Oh, it’s a long, long time from May to December
But the days grow short when you reach September
When the autumn weather turns the leaves to flame
One hasn’t got time for the waiting game
Oh, the days dwindle down to a precious few

September, November
And these few precious days, I’ll spend with you
These precious days, I’ll spend with you

September, November
These few precious days, I’ll spend with you
These precious days, I’ll spend with you