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boat stillness`
The Sandbox Writing
Challenge — Exercise 3

What is it that keeps you from being still?



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stillnessAs I’ve been sitting here trying to get this post ready to go I’ve had to reread those three paragraphs up there a dozen times. Lord Drollery and Bran, for some reason I cannot fathom, decided to congregate here in the living room tonight and have a chit-chat. Lucky me! Lord Drollery is usually in front of the TV and Bran is shut in his room watching soccer when he’s not working.

As you can see, the issue of privacy is one of the big reasons I can’t get still, at least when I’m at home with the others. Our house is so small that one of them is always either in the room with me, traipsing through it for something in the kitchen, or visiting the toity.

Noise keeps me from being able to be still. I’m easily distracted. I am normally deafer than a door nail from concerts and headphones in my teen years, but when I try to get still and be quiet, I swear I can hear someone sneeze two blocks away. I notice every little sound outside and in. Even the sound of my own breath is a hindrance, which is a problem when I try to meditate.

Unruly thoughts? That’s a real problem. In my mind I can see a constant ticker tape of “news” running through my head. Usually a list of things I need to do. I have tried many things to deal with these renegade distractions. I’ve tried acknowledging them and then letting them go. I’ve imagined being in a movie theater where the credits of my life have finally just finished scrolling and the screen has gone blank. I’ve tried actually writing down the important things as they come then trying to get back in the mood. I’ve even just let them come and tried to ignore them. But it seems I have a very noisy mind!

I blame that on my personality. Besides the fact that I’m a Gemini born on the cusp of Taurus (which I jokingly say gives me three distrinct sets of personality traits — though I’m not really joking, it’s busy in my head!), I’m high strung, as my mom used to say. She assured me it ran in the family. I’m excitable! (You usually can tell by how much I love to use exclamation points and smilies!)

There’s a physical reason as well. It’s difficult for me to get comfortable for any great length of time without something hurting somewhere. Part of that is just getting old. Part is due to a back injury. It’s just plain hard to sit!

And then there’s fatigue… I don’t sleep well, so it’s almost a sure bet that if I DO get still I’m going to fall asleep. I can live with this one!

But probably the biggest reason is that when I try to get still I feel guilty. I feel like I should be up doing something, that sitting and concentrating, meditating, or just allowing myself to BE is a waste of time. Even sitting and reading a book has become difficult for me.

But that’s an attitude I’m going to have to change. Found out today I’m going to be tested for Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome. And part of the treatment for that is — are you ready for this? — learning to be still and chillaxing on a regular basis.

So even though I seem to have a horribly hard time doing it, I’m beginning to realize that learning to be STILL is a very important skill. Heaven help me, I’m in a heap of trouble! Sigh…

Ok, it’s YOUR turn! What keeps YOU from being still???