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[Ok… I admit it. I’m waffling again. Don’t know whether posting my answers on the same post later in the day is the best way to post them or not. I’m thinking maybe not, since some folks will not make it back to read them. So many little decisions, so much life disruption! (rolls eyes along the carpet and out the door…) Thoughts?]

Here’s my entry for The Sandbox Writing Challenge…  Well, I realized right off the bat that one is NOT necessarily indicative of the other! (Pats self on back… :D)

Woman drinks glass of wine in front of the fireWhat things relax me?
— A glass of wine and quiet music
— A back or foot massage (sighs just thinking about foot massage…)
— A glass of wine and a good book
— A glass of wine (ok, or a cup of coffee at Starbucks) and a good gab session with a friend
— Driving random backroads alone with the cd player full blast
— Listening to the rain hit the roof
— Petting Twitch
— Listening to Plato’s audios on his website
— Walking through a forest or by the ocean
— Candlelight
— Meditating (on those rare occasions I do it anymore)
— Wandering around a bookstore for a few hours
— Cross-stitching with quiet music going (and a glass of wine — which I have been known to spill on my work, then it wasn’t so relaxing!)
— Watching the movie of Jane Austen’s Persuasion when no one is at home to bug me (with a bottle of wine)
— Harp music
— Sitting by a roaring fire

(Actually all those wines are just as likely to be hot chocolate. Depends on my mood. 😀 )


Saw them on this tour, btw. Awesome!

What things bring me pleasure?
— An overnight get-away with Lord Drollery
— A night out at a nice restaurant with Lord Drollery
— Going to the ballet
— Going to the symphony
— Picnics
— A night out with the girls

— Going to a club or bar and just listening to the music
— Visiting a museum or gallery (with the exception of the Holocaust Museum in D.C., which greatly disturbed me)
— Ren faire’s
— The yearly Scottish Highland Festival and Games south of Salt Lake
— Seeing anything Celtic (Celtic Woman, The High Kings, The Wicked Tinkers…)
— Cruises with interesting shore excursions
— Road trips
— Seeing Taiko drummers or Riverdance
— Talking to people
— Writing
— Autumn
— Reading poetry or listening to it being read

There are probably other things I could add to both lists, but that’s a good start.