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Word powerSince I had such an epiphany about words meaning different things to different people last week in The Sandbox Challenge, I thought I’d reblog Opher’s post. I thought, yeah… That explains it well… Nice post, sir!

Opher's World


We are all artists. We paint with words.

We start as babies with the spoken word and learn the rudiments of language.

As children we learn the letters and conventions of grammar, we memorise the various punctuation and put them together into the patterns that communicate.

Each word is a symbol. It is no more than an abstract idea.

We each live in our own personal universe and have to hope that the contents of that universe, and consequently the symbols we apply to that content, bear resemblance to the feelings, moods, colours and forms that reside in the universes of everyone else.

How can we be sure?

When I talk of sadness it is of a mood within myself. I must assume you attach the same emotion to that word. Every sadness is different. We apply our empathy.

English is a good language to have as it is such a…

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