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Ms. Ladybug (Bridget) over at The Happy Quitter did a post yesterday (A Kentucky Derby without Horses) as did my son Brandon over at The Path of Grace (How’s the World Treating You?) on the fiasco surrounding Kim Davis, the county clerk in Kentucky who had been jailed for being in contempt of the federal courts for refusing to provide marriage licenses for same sex couples.

I am sick at heart for the three-ring circus this has turned into. Ms. Davis got the publicity she wanted, and all of us who follow Jesus, who don’t throw sticks and stones, got a huge black eye. In my opinion, her behavior is in no way Christ-like. If “faith” is going to remain relevant in this world, our whole religious system needs to be upturned and rebuilt on the model of those first-century believers.

“No, I’m not talking about Twitter. I really want you to follow me.” (eisakouo.com)

Although I’m not Catholic, I am so thankful for people like Pope Francis who is spreading that word. He has garnered many supporters AND many detractors, but he’s getting the message out. And Pastor Brian McLaren whose work with the emerging church has been exciting and stimulating.

Jesus was nothing short of a rebel who believed in a dream that would unite all mankind. His philosophy was hated and feared by the politicians of his day. Yet he inspired that faith in his followers and in that early church, and ultimately paid for his beliefs with his life. That is the faith I subscribe to. I refuse to be identified with people like Ms. Davis and those of her ilk, who claim to be Christians yet whose actions fly in the face of Jesus’ example. In my opinion they are not followers of Jesus at all.

This song by Michael Card is very dear to my heart because it really portrays Jesus the way I understand him to have been. It was in my mind all yesterday afternoon after reading many posts about the situation with Kim Davis. Just thought I’d share it with you.