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Sometimes we have to wait a while for the words to spill from Plato’s heart. Work has a way of robbing us of his company. But when his heart can no longer contain them, they pour forth as magic…

* * * * *

September 23rd

Image result for image fall lightThe light is changing

The earth has tilted and cracked the veil once more

Eternity’s magic rushes in as the Mundane surrenders It’s hold

Spilling into and over from that Place where things are as they Ought to be

That place of consummation, the exquisite

Where hunger is satiated and longing finds rest

The light shimmers and sparkles and shines

Dancing off multicolored hues, moved about by the cooling breezes

Shades of green, yellows, reds, and brown

Are alive in the new light

My Soul is quickened

Sweet with a sadness who’s ache stirs a longing now frantic for life

Distractions vanish the fog lifts, clarity calls, nudges, and beckons me

Awake from the dreary dream and its shadowy forms

Smothered Soul surges from the depths desperate to break the surface

Filling the void, the vacuum, with substance

Past and future’s illusions fall away, Now is all

Eternity’s rapture rushes through spirit and flesh

Conquest complete, I am captured and held in the sway of my Beloved

Ego broken, Self surrendered to that which is Real and beyond the senses

Passion rises, staking an unequivocal claim to what is mine by birth

Yes, Yes, Yes, I am, It is, We are joined in the Creator’s dance and feel it’s power

Moved, broken, and remade in the image of what Ought to be but is now not, Yet

Joy and Sorrow live together there in that place between the Now and that which is coming

But that is living.  Being alive brings pain and pleasure sometimes at once

Holding them in tension is living and is the power of creation

First the sun, now the bright light muted in the cool quiet rain

Tender gentle drops fall and break on me

I hear them fall, kissing the leaves on their way

Communion with Her, the rest, the easy conversation heals and renews hope

The changing light transforms the sky’s tears into jewels to adorn my skin

My heart breaks with joy to know the living of it

I see, I feel, I breathe in the magic of what has always been hidden within view

And am grateful for the times when my slumbering soul blinks awake

My Soul’s secret and silent hallelujah erupts and thunders It’s release

I rise on the currents of spirit and flesh knowing the God of life

Then collapse, spent, humbled, sweetness feeds my spirit, gratefulness Her response

Even now Eternity recedes, flowing back into the depths, leaving me uncovered, unfinished

Longing’s lure and it’s exquisite ache points the way

Both sunshine and rain will fall

Bitter and sweet will fill the cup.

Don’t avoid one for the other.

Be nourished by both.

Rapture requires grief to balance what is not yet with how it Ought to be.

This is true living

For, “There are cracks in everything, and that’s how the light gets in.”

Thank you Mr. Cohen


(reprinted with Plato’s permission…)