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This is in response to non-smokingladybug’s Knock, Knock Writing Challenge Week #6:

Eat, Pray, Love is the story of a woman who pursues the things she thinks will bring her happiness. If you could find it in yourself, that bit of bravery to leave the comforts of your everyday life behind and pursue your own happiness and if money wouldn’t be an issue, where would you go and what would you pursue?

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BeatlesIf I had never married and had a family (or BEFORE I married and had a family) if I could have gotten brave enough to follow my inclinations, I probably would have found myself traveling around England. Back then I would have mistaken those urgings for my infatuation with the mop-haired Beatles.


Or I might have ended up in Scotland because I graduated from Ben Lomond High School which was so steeped in Scottish traditions that I fell in love with Scotland. But again, it wouldn’t have been because of that.

Famous Partnerships: Arthur and ExcaliburMy love of Arthurian literature may have drawn me to Wales where most literary scholars now think the legends actually originated. But that wouldn’t have been it either.

I would have needed to be a wee bit older (in my 40’s maybe) to realize that it wasn’t Britain per se that was drawing me, but the Celtic blood that runs through my veins. Specifically it ties me to Ireland. Is that where my ancestors came from, you might ask. The answer, according to family members who have looked at our genealogy, is no. My ancestors came from somewhere in England. And one of these days I’m going to get one of those “spit” tests to see just exactly where!

So why my fascination with Ireland? I couldn’t give you a logical reason. I know that my family who eventually came to the states settled in Ireland for a number of years before they made that journey, so I’m convinced in my heart it was an inter-marriage thing — a Englishman and an Irish lass? I know the Irish were none too fond of the British, but I’d bet you my Aunt Fanny’s golden earrings that’s how it came about!

What would I pursue there? I would simply immerse myself in the culture and learn everything I could about the history and the myths. There is something so deep inside me that calls to me from that green, green land.

A few years ago we had a yard sale and some of my knick-knacks were being disposed of. A lady came through with her daughter and I knew right away from listening to them talk that the mom was from Ireland. She chose something of mine to buy and take back with her (she was here visiting her daughter), and I nearly piddled down both legs to think something of mine that I had loved was going to be in Ireland. We talked for a little while and I learned she was from Belfast. I wondered after she left if my wanderlust for Ireland would focus in that northern part of the land. Surprisingly it hasn’t. But just knowing there is something of mine there is like a promise in my heart. “Someday,” it whispers…

Going to Ireland is the only thing I have on my bucket list, and with a little bit of luck (appropriate, don’t you think? 😀 ) and some wise planning, we will be going on a British Isles cruise with our best friends in 2017 when Lord Drollery and my bud Amy both retire.

druidessProbably all the things I listed above added to my deep interest in the Celtic lands, but when I let myself dwell on what that will be like, I wonder if once I get there the attraction will be so much stronger than mere interest. I wonder if I won’t want to come home. What will happen? Will I know in my spirit that there’s somewhere over there I’m meant to go, to see? What is it that has drawn me so steadily all these years and had me reading about myths and druids, customs and history? Is there really such a thing as having an “old soul?” Might I have been a druid in a past life, a bar maid, or a pirate wench? There is such an exquisite anticipation that rises from within me when I think about it.

Stay tuned and I’ll let you know what happens!

Irish countryside