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Fim’s Monday Music Medicine Show over at Quantum Hermit had me a bit stumped today. My dad was in WWII and when he came home he talked a lot about the war and especially the music. He had been a member of the Artillery Jive Bombers during his service in addition to a medic. But military or political marches were not the kinds of music he played so they didn’t really make it into my top ten. Except for one!

babes in toylandNow this may be fudging a little bit, Fim, but it IS a military march — of sorts. 😀 The music is the March of the Toys from Victor Herbert’s operetta Babes In Toyland, and was used in the Disney movie Babes In Toyland starring Annette Funicello and Tommy Sands (one of Disney’s first stop-animation movies).

This particular scene and music from the movie stuck with me, and later the wooden soldiers drew me right to the music March of the Wooden Soldiers from The Nutcracker ballet, music written by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. I’ve seen it at least a dozen times since then. Seeing it on stage the first time is what actually kicked off my obsession with wooden nutcrackers. I probably have 50+ of all sizes. I bought my first one at the ballet that night. My smallest is about 3″ high, my largest (from a friend from Germany) is 27″ high.

And so the March of the Toys became a steadfast favorite of mine. And here for your viewing enjoyment is the Babes In Toyland version, March of the Toys.