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It’s that time again! The Sandbox Writing Challenge. I hope you’re having fun playing in the sandbox with us. And maybe learning something about yourself? I so appreciate everyone’s contributions from last week. That challenge was a bit harder. But NOW comes the really creative part! (Evil grin…)

Actually this was also a hard challenge just to post because I realized as I was looking for pictures similar to the one in the book, the facial expression on the picture I chose was going to affect what you wrote! I matched it as best I could. So we’ll see what happens.

Imagine wanting to impress this woman. What would you say about yourself?

(And here’s a couple bonus questions for after you answer the prompt. How do you think different expressions on the picture would have affected your answer, or do you? What if it had been a group of younger women or a man or group of men? Really am trying to make a point here!)

As always, remember to include a link to this post on YOUR blog post. Or if your response isn’t overly long, feel free to leave it in the comment section below. If you would like to play with us and see the previous prompts, they’re listed in the menu at the top of the blog in The Sandbox Writing Challenge. But please feel free to just jump in wherever we are at the moment! After all the prompts are really for YOU to get to know YOURSELF! So put your thinking caps on and have fun!!!

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(Picture Credit: www.telegraph.co.uk)