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Jane from Making it write asked me how our over-nighter to see the country band Restless Heart in Wendover, Nevada was last weekend. It was great! Not that Wendover is that great…


Wendover is a weird city. Half of it is in Utah, half in Nevada. The Nevada side is packed with casinos. The Utah side is packed with… Hm… well, not much of anything unless you count the Bonneville Salt Flats just outside of town where cars like to try and break land speed records! Oh! And all the workers for the casinos! For the life of me I can’t imagine why anyone would want to live in that god-forsaken, wind-blown place in the middle of the desert!

montego-bay-resortNever-the-less, that’s where we wound up. We stayed at the Montego Bay Casino. Huge! We were on the 4th floor about a mile from the elevators and didn’t realize if you drove around to the back there was actually an entrance on the third floor and a dedicated elevator to 4 through 6! We actually put quite a few miles on our sneakers going back and forth.

Peppermill concert hallThe Peppermill Concert Hall was terrific. There wasn’t one bad seat in the hall. It holds 1000 people and is built like the amphitheaters in Greece. Refreshments were available in the lobby to take into the concert. Down front, for an extra $20 there were tables for two with swivel chairs!

It was my first time experimenting with the camera on my phone and I found it was a bit trickier than I thought. But here are a couple pictures from the concert…

Restless HeartRestless Heart has been together for 32 years with (mostly the same five guys except for a brief period).

Big guitar cropThis is Greg Jennings, lead guitar and birthday boy. I think they said he was turning 64 that day.

They had been at the concert hall all day working on a Christmas video of all things. So they were kind enough to treat us with their rendition of Angels We Have Heard On High. It was awesome. Most of these groups are getting a little ragged around the edges by the time they hit this age, but this guys sounded just like my favorite cd.

Angels We Have Heard On HighYou can see a little of the back drop scrim they were using for the video.

It really was a wonderful concert. The audience was quite lively and the music was super good. They also had big monitors on either side of the stage to watch. That was nice. (Now if I could just learn to ZOOM on that phone camera! Of course I haven’t figured out how to answer the bloomin’ thing yet either!)

Shirt backAnd naturally I couldn’t leave without getting my t-shirt, which I just loved! The words on the back are from the Restless Heart song Long Lost Friend. They announced that night that their song I’ll Still Be Loving You had been chosen as one of the top 50 love songs of country music.

Me 1So yes, Jane, there really is a Wendover, Nevada/Utah and we really did go there. AND we had a smashing time without sticking any money at all in the slot machines! Is that weird?