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TOTALLY LOVIN’ LAURA’S POST!!! Just had to reblog it!

Hundred and Counting

Here is an old joke: A French man, an American, and a Finn are looking at an elephant. The French man is thinking: “I wonder what is ze best way to cook ze elephant?” The American is thinking: “I wonder how much I could get for those tusks?” The Finn is thinking: “I wonder what that elephant is thinking about me?”

I am the Finn in that joke, or at least I could be. I concentrate way too much on what others think about me. This habit has a crippling effect on one’s feelings of self-worth and the ability to have fulfilling relationships. It is often correlated with the so-called analysis paralysis, which prevents one from reaching one’s goals since all of one’s energy is spent on working out all the possible things that could happen if one in fact did do something.

“There is only one way to avoid criticism:…

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