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I am such a goner when it comes to poems about autumn, my favorite time of year. Scott Summers has done me in again! Thanks for getting my heart pumping this morning, Scott.

Writing With Some Ink and a Hammer

Yesterday afternoon, after gathering several fallen, autumn leaves, golden and red, I snapped the photo shared here. This morning, this little collection of October color gave me an idea.

photo by S. Thomas Summers

Of Parchment Scored

The old leaves litter
the forest floor,
sacred scraps
of parchment

with a season’s ink;
each crinkled skin,
mustard and wine,
olive and gold –
children gather them

as wizards and sages
gather a millennium’s
history, trace
cold fingers
across a page’s

wrinkles and ink,
the possibilities
of beauty,
the tragedies

of loss, hanging the solemn
passages of autumn
on the refrigerator door,
the stories mommy
and daddy must learn.

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