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(The Sandbox Writing Challenge 11 — What fascinates you?)

Lists-8This kind of post where you get to make a list is always dangerous for me. I could go on and on forever. As Lord Drollery sat here and watched me fill up a page in my little notebook this morning, his eyebrows arched and I thought, I guess that’s enough! 🙂

So here’s my non-exhaustive list of things that fascinate me:

People (the stories stored up inside them)
My grandkids
Rainbows/Reflections from prisms
(The idea of) Parallel Universes
Hitler (a matter of pure evil)
Mystics/Celtic mysticism
Frost on a window pane/that no two snowflakes are alike
Books (the physicality of them — which is why I’ll never own a Kindle or a Nook)
1906 San Francisco Earthquake
How my mind can never be still
How the internet actually works
Being able to float on water (I know how it works but it still amazes me)
The way a thought flows out of my head, down my arm into my hand, through the pen and the ink flows onto a page
How an actual quill pen works
How words — good or bad — can affect a person’s day
That I can feel my pvc’s when I have them (premature ventricular contractions)
The principle that everything in the universe vibrates at its own speed
The idea of Past Lives
How the plants in my window and the sunflowers in the neighbor’s yard always turn toward the sun
Thunder and Lightning
The fact that children are born without prejudice
God/whether there’s an afterlife
That you can hear the surf in a shell when you hold it to your ear (I always wonder where it’s been, what shores I’m hearing of)

and on and on and on…


Picture Credit: listproducer.com