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Yesterday afternoon I got an email from one of my blogging buddies, Matt, over at The Book Blogger. I love Matt’s blog and was missing him. He’d gone all silent for a few weeks. Concerned, I’d dropped him a note to see if all was well. I was much relieved to hear that he’s just been snowed under with school work.

I mention this because Fimnora over at Quantum Hermit and I have been talking about how worrisome it can be when one of your friends on Word Press, or any other group website for that matter, goes AWOL. I’m fortunate in that when I’ve gotten to know someone really well on here, eventually we’ll end up exchanging phone numbers and addresses. But a lot of people are hesitant to do that.

puzzle piece blogOne of the websites I’ve belonged to since 2003, Elvenhome, had two sisters go missing for months. We were all getting worried. None of us had phone numbers or addresses. The only thing we really knew about them was the younger one worked at an Albertsons store in Tacoma, Washington, manning the gas pumps. Sleuth that I am (and having free long-distance on my phone ๐Ÿ˜€ ), I agreed to try and find them. It took me several calls to Albertsons stores in the area, but I finally did. We found out their dad had passed away and they were inundated with bills and paperwork and hadn’t had time to think about Elvenhome.

Needless to say, though we were sad for them, we were all relieved. When that happened we started a Contact page on that site — it’s a private site — listing everyone’s name, address, email addresses and phone numbers. There are 30 of us and we kind of all feel like family now.

But on one of Fim’s long-time sites, she had a friend go missing who never turned back up again. One day she was posting away, the next she was gone. Fim never did find out what happened to her. Maybe Fim and I are just sentimental old gals, but closure feels very important to us.

On the flip side of that coin is how your friends feel when YOU go AWOL. I have a list of email addresses set aside that Lord Drollery would send emails to if I were going to be offline for awhile. I feel better knowing he would do that for me.

So Fim and I were wondering if any of you out there ever think about how to keep in touch with folks online, and, if so, what you do about it. Anything? Or are we just getting to that age where we’re obsessive worry-warts?


I neglected to mention until I commented to Spiritual Dragonfly below, that we often get to know these folks up close and personal! I’ve met SO many of my online friends in person. Friends from California, Pennsylvania, Quebec, Australia, and as close as Salt Lake! My adorable friend from Salt Lake, Gracie, and I do lunch every now and then. Oh! And I mustn’t forget Christina who is from EVERY BLOOMIN’ WHERE. She rides shot gun with her hubby in his 18 wheeler! They were coming through Salt Lake on day and I made arrangements to have breakfast with her about this time last year. We gabbed for three hours! Have gotten together with her again since then. I love getting to know all these folks.


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