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glass__lucent_heart_by_raingardenI never cease to be amazed at the talent of the folks who write on Word Press. Although I believe a person must be whole in themselves before they can have a really healthy relationship with anyone else, the words of this poem hummed in my heart so deeply I had to reblog it.

Literature Is My Porn

She broke a little each day, leaving the pieces with everyone she met

She broke so quietly, the pieces

Never making a sound, as they fell on the floor

Leaving parts of herself behind, trailing in her wake

Nobody even knew she was broken

But you knew, didn’t you?

The moment you looked into her eyes, so sad and haunted

You knew how beautifully broken she was

You knew, for you were broken too

Instead of gluing her pieces together, you seeped

Into her soul, until your jagged edges

Fit perfectly with hers, and together you became whole

She was beautifully broken, and so were you.

-The Girl Lost In The Bookstore

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